Tie Aprons


About the client

The client wanted to build a recipe-sharing platform where people can discover and share recipes for the dish they like. The client wanted to focus on the niche market – a community of people who are willing to create recipes they have discovered.


Targeted problem

The client realized that most of the recipe-sharing platforms are focused on one-way information flow. The client believed that successful recipe-sharing platforms should have a two-way information flow.


Offered solution

A team of 8 people (BA, PM, 2 Back-end, 2 Front-end, and 2 Mobile Engineers) developed a platform that enables peer-to-peer recipe sharing and creation. The solution is aimed at maximizing the benefit that can be taken out of recipe-sharing platforms

Most important features

Explore and search various recipes

Users have the ability to explore or search through different recipes created by other users. With this feature, users can avoid the problem of thinking about what to cook or forgetting their favorite recipes

Create and share recipes

Users have the ability to create new recipes and save them for future usage. If they find recipes useful, they can share them with other users so that other users can find inspiration for new recipes of delicious dishes


Users have also the ability to discuss recipes with other users directly in a chat. In that way, recipe-sharing app can feel more “social”

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