E-commerce platform

About the Client

The client wanted to build a B2C e-commerce platform to target a niche market in South Korea.  The platform is aimed at enabling the Muslim community in South Korea to search for halal foods and shop them online. 

Targeted Problem

The client realized that the Muslim community in South Korea had sometimes difficulty finding halal foods. The problem was not the supply; because people were able to find such foods and groceries in a physical world. But when it comes to online presence, people had difficulty finding such foods in online shops.

Offered Solution

A team of 8 people (PM, BA,  2 Back-end, 2 Front-end, and 2 mobile Engineers) has successfully implemented the solution to target the aforementioned problem. The solution was an online e-commerce platform where the Muslim community in South Korea can easily find halal foods and groceries, shop them online and have them delivered to their doorsteps.




Most important features






Advanced search recommendation

Users can search through products and the platform suggest new products according to their preferences, order history, and their actions within the website.




Shipment tracking

Users can track the status of online orders they have placed on the platform. Status is updated and synced from the admin panel in real-time






Online payment

Users have the ability to choose from various integrated payment solutions that are available in the platform

Mobile View








All features that are implemented in the web are also available in the mobile app





Admin Panel

The admin panel allows new product creation, creation of new users, user authorization, update shipment status, and many more features.