GiperMart – B2C Ecommerce platform

About the Client

The client wanted to build a B2C e-commerce platform to automate part of their business processes and increase their online presence. The project is targeted for the mass market who is interested in shopping electronic products online.

Targeted problem

The client researched and found out that building an e-commerce platform would positively affect the bottom line and ROI would be more than an industry standard. They also realized that online sales of electronic products weren’t so active in the local market, which can create an opportunity for them to take advantage of first-mover advantage.

Offered solution

A team of 6 people (PM, BA, 2 Back-end, and 2 Front-end Engineers) has successfully implemented the solution to target the aforementioned problem. The solution was an online e-commerce platform where consumers can purchase and have electronic products delivered to their doorsteps.

Most important features

Advanced search recommendation

Users can search through products and the platform suggest new products according to their preferences, order history, and their actions within the website.

Catalog management

Users can browse through different catalogs to find different types of electronic products


Admin Panel

The admin panel allows new product creation, creation of new users, user authorization, update shipment status, and many more features.