FaceTap Social platform


About the client

The client wanted to build an Instagram-like social media where people can get out of the borders of passive content toward more engaging content. The client wanted to focus on a massive market rather than a niche one because of social media platforms’ ubiquitous character. 


Targeted problem

The client realized that social media is becoming a de-facto place for passive content. An engaging social media should not focus only on the “influencer-follower” flow of content, but also on the “follower-influencer” flow of content.


Offered Solution

A team of 6 people (PM, BA, 2 Back-end, and 2 Mobile Engineers) developed a mobile app that is focused on the empowerment of followers so that they feel more engaged with the influencers they follow. The solution is aimed at stimulating active and engaging content.

Most important features






Create and discover contents

Users have the ability to create and discover content in various ways (hashtags, through leaders of communities they are interested in, by ranking, etc.)

In-app currency

Users have the ability to share and receive gifts via internal currency enabled in the app. They can either buy gifts using the in-app currency in their wallets or by using the gift received from other users

Unique ranking system

Besides usual social media application features, FaceTap provides a unique user ranking system that gives each user a rank. The rank depends on the users’ social activity, posts, and how many gifts they have received


Users have also the ability to chat directly with a user so that they can engage more through private conversation enabled by in-app chat

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