E-POS sales automation software

About the client

The client was the company named “E-POS Systems” which wanted to develop software to help different companies automate sales and business processes. The client wanted to focus on the niche market – businesses whose main business processes are related to sales (Retailers, Fast-food chains, restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc.).

Targeted problem

The client realized that companies were spending too much time handling their POS (Point-of-sales) processes and eventually losing potential customers, negatively affecting the bottom line. In fact, an effective POS process should involve less manual work and more automation.

Offered solution

A large team of Engineers, product managers, business analysts, and designers together developed a desktop app that is focused on the automation of POS-related processes. The solution is aimed at replacing manual work with automation so that sales processes can be optimized.

Most important features

Inventory management

Companies can manage their inventory by categorizing their products and keeping an eye on the stock

Order processing

Companies can also process orders by either manually adding products or by scanning them. The desktop app also enables them to manage different orders in different carts.


Sales monitoring

Companies can monitor their sales orders and their status on the dashboard so that the orders that need attention can be handled in real-time.

Report Management

Companies can generate reports and search for previously generated reports. They can search for past reports by their specific z-reports. 

Report Management

Companies can manage their reports by generating end-of-the-month reports (z-report). They can also customize their reports by choosing what information they want to see in the report.

Want to explore more features?

Explore the website from where you can download the desktop app